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A Private Chauffeur’s Journey on an Airport Pickup at LAX!

Most do not know the extent to what private chauffeurs and limos companies go thru in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable airport pickup for the client. In this video, you will see what our chauffeur faces with challenges such as parking, road constructions, discretion, and more. A &E Worldwide knows the ins and outs to provide the highest quality service, making sure your limo ride is on time and of pure enjoyment.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Chauffeured Car Service


Chauffeured Limo Service 101

Chauffeured car service can be both convenient and elegant.  Whether you’re pulling up to An exclusive Hollywood premiere or using airport car service, it’s often the preferred way to get around town. If you are going to rent a limo for the first time or even if you’re a seasoned car service veteran there are always details your limo service should make clear to you. The following covers 5 key questions you should always make sure to ask your Chauffeured car service provider.

When Will I be paying for my Chauffeured Car Service?

If you’re renting a Los Angeles Limo on a budget, getting a straight answer is crucial. The question is actually a two sided coin; let’s get the skinny on both. Find out if your car service does point-to-point or hourly/garage-to-garage billing. Depending on the type of service you’ll need, the answer will determine how you will be billed and help you to avoid having to pay a penny more than you need to.

Additionally, does the limo service demand payment in full or a deposit at the time of booking? Do you pay the full balance upfront at the beginning of the trip? Find out exactly when they’ll be putting charges on your card.

Is There an Hourly Minimum?

For client directed hourly trips, many LA Limo services charge a minimum number of hours-it’s usually around 2 to 4. If you’re just need to book airport car service, let your reservationist know that you require point-to-point service, which traditionally won’t have a minimum amount of hours attached.

Can I Get in Touch with My Chauffeur?

If you’re scheduling a pre-arranged pick-up, you’ll want to know how you can get in touch with your Chauffeur. Request their cell phone number ahead of time, as this is often helpful to have before during and after the trip.  Take advantage of any on-board communication too. If you’re going to rent a hummer limo, for Example see how you can communicate with your chauffeur during the trip. Are there intercom systems mounted in the vehicle in case you have any burning questions en route to your destination?

Is Alcohol Allowed In The Limo?

If you and your party are 21 years or older, most likely you’ll be fine consuming alcohol in the back of the limo. Ask ahead to make sure the limo comes with a full wet mini-bar. Some Los Angeles limo services have mini bars that rival that of many luxury hotel rooms.

Parents who plan to rent a limo for prom or any other event with minors should ask about the company’s policy regarding underage drinking. Great limousine companies often have a bag search protocol prior to boarding-this gives a measure of assurance and safety.

What Amenities Are Included With My Chauffeured Limo Service?

Ask what additional amenities are included with your limo rental. Will they have an AV package? Does it come with stereo surround sound, a CD Player, iPod connections? Why shouldn’t you enjoy your custom playlist during the ride? Additionally, see if they provide complimentary champagne or red carpet service for wedding limo packages. Ask about glass stem-ware, seating capacity and arrangement and anything additional provided with the service.

How Long Can We Party?

If you and your guests are having the time of your lives and you just don’t want the party to stop, you should be able to extend your reservation. The Likelihood of extending your limo service will be higher if your trip is the last scheduled reservation of the day. Be sure to inquire about policies and protocol ahead of time. There is often a higher cost for last-minute requests. If you’re unsure about the time window time your party will need, try and  book a longer window of time to avert any last-minute changes in billing or the off chance that the limousine won’t be able to accommodate your request. 

Is Chauffeur tip Included?

Chauffeurs often live off of their tips and many Los Angeles limo services have a policy of adding 20% to the invoice at the time of the initial booking, a practice known as “all-in pricing”. Make sure the price you get includes all additional add ons and ask for an explanation of each.


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10 Point Checklist for Using a Limo Service

Beginners Guide on How to Rent a Limo

Whether it be limo rentals for prom or car service to LAX. Renting a Los Angeles Limo for any event can be a daunting task.  There are so many Los Angeles Limousine companies out there, and so many vehicle options that choosing a starting point can be a challenge.

For the Purpose of this article, we will stick  to LA Limo vehicle choices and service types.  Vehicle Maintenance and age are the benchmarks of a great Limo service. All vehicles should be no older than 4 years and maintained in a showroom finish shine at all times. Generally speaking, Limo choices fall into a variety of categories based on what industry insiders call “client persona”.


The Bottom Line: You don’t want to hire a town car service that doesn’t have the capacity to handle and work with different types of clients and vehicles.

(3 passengers)

The Lincoln “Executive L” series sedan is the Industry standard – it can comfortably seat 3 passengers, has plenty of room for luggage and offers a luxurious and well appointed ride. Some companies offer extra amenities at no charge, so make sure to check. Top tier limo service providers will offer fresh chilled water, mints, candies and even free Wi-Fi and 12 Volt power charging for mobile devices and Ipads.

Small Groups (6 Passengers)

SUVs work excellent with small groups.  The Cadillac Escalade SUV is considered the creme de la creme of SUV choices. These high end luxury vehicles can accommodate up to 6 passengers and come complete with the same amenities package as the Town car. They are also a great choice for 3 to 4 passengers traveling with large amounts of luggage and cargo as many models have fold down room in the rear. Golfers and PGA tour pros really love the Escalade as the rear cargo space can accommodate 2 fully loaded club bags, with room to spare!

Large Groups (10-14 Passengers)

For Larger groups, the Executive Van and the newer model Mercedes Sprinter limo Van, can hold from 10-14 Passengers. Complete With high ceilings, rear cargo space, high grade leather interior, individual bench-style or captains chair forward facing seats, heavy duty AC and accented luxury interiors

Corporate Groups (24 Passegers)

A favorite of Corporate Executive Travel Planners and Destination Management Companies is the Mini coach or Limo Bus This vehicle can carry up to 24 passengers in style and comfort. Amenities vary from model to model, but most interiors are set up with front facing reclining seats, heavy duty AC, and some come with internal PA systems. Many of these Limo Buses have overhead luggage storage in addition to under vehicle berth compartments.

Event Planning and Conventions
(up to 55 Passengers)

For larger groups and convention work the Mini bus is the go-to workhorse of the industry. These specialty coach vehicles can hold up to 55 passengers and amenities vary from model to model, so make sure to check! Many come complete with an on board restroom.  Standard configuartions include high back forward facing seats, heavy duty AC systems and internal PA systems. There’s always plenty of room for cargo with overhead and Under berth luggage storage and higher end models have LED lighted aisle-ways.

Proms, Night on the town & Leisure

The Vehicles most often used with the party crowd that are looking to rent a limo are the 8-10 passenger Stretch Limousines and the buzz worthy Hummer Limo. The standard stretch limousine is a classic Lincoln town car body stretched to accommodate up to 10 passengers with a full list of amenities.  These vary from a fully stocked wet bar with ice and beverages to a complete AV surround sound stereo package. The Hummer Limo will have a larger passenger capacity and a different seating configuration with some additional bells and whistles in the interior lighting options.

Private Family Chauffeured Servicetown car service

Chauffeurs that are requested by family accounts are often the primary transportation for the family. They drive the family’s children, mom dad and even the housekeeper. They often run light day to day errands and even go the extra mile to ensure the family arrives to a clean and orderly car port. Vehicles most often used are the Lincoln Town car and the Cadillac SUV Servicing a family account is a huge responsibility and a chauffeur is usually retained on a “standby” basis and must be ready to drive the family at any time to any place.

Non-Emergency Luxury Transportation

This is a specialized and exclusive chauffeured service that staffs luxury vehicles with Emergency Medical Technicians behind the wheel. The Lincoln Executive L series Town Car come fully equipped with medical grade O2 and a fully stocked trauma kit. Transportation includes patients coming out of elective procedures, plastic surgery, pain management/Dr’s Appointments, even retirement communities.

Whether your limo service takes you from the airport, to a business meeting, or even to a medical appointment, having a clear idea of the options availabe can help make the whole process of planning your ground transportation so much easier.  Always make sure to ask what type of pricing packages, amenities, and terms of service the LA Limo service of your choice offers.  This will avoid any confusion, hidden fees or service issues down the line.

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A Los Angeles Chauffeurs Guide to Carmageddon 2012

“Last year, we proved that Angelenos could rise to the occasion and cooperate to turn Carmageddon into ‘Carmaheavan’ It was truly one of L.A.’s finest moments.”- L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Carmageddon 2012

It’s that time again!  Carmageddon II is right around the corner.  About this time last year Carmageddon 2011 ended up being something akin to the ‘Rapture’  – magically turning the streets of L.A. into a big empty.  Will Mayor Villaraigosa’s  sentiment hold true this time around ?  Or, will many motorists become complacent about the second and final coming of freeway closures, beginning at 7 pm. Saturday, Sept. 28th and ending at 5 am. October 1st

What are they doing?!

The 405 freeway is one of the busiest freeways in North America with about 250, 000 vehicles traveling every weekend.  Caltrans crews plan on closing down a 10-mile section of the 405 freeway on the Westside of LA, between the 10 and the 101.   Consequently, alternate routes around the Freeway are likely to be jammed. There is much work to be done this time around.   There are two columns that need to be demolished and replaced, almost twice as much work in the same amount of time.  Officials are concerned that since Carmageddon 2011 turned out to be a fluke for many, there will be less concern this time around-turning the streets into gridlock chaos.

Areas To Avoid

Canyon roads will be congested from Malibu to Hollywood, as will the surface streets that feed into them.  Bruce Gillman of the city’s Department of Transportation suggested that those who choose to drive stick to detour posted freeways .  “If people want to go out and drive, they could be putting themselves into a very frustrating situation,” Gilman said

Other likely trouble spots include Beverly Glen Boulevard, Benedict Canyon Drive, Coldwater Canyon Drive, Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard. In West Los Angeles, surface streets around junction of the 405 and the 10 freeways also could be jammed.  Officials are advising to stay as far away from  the 405 as possible.


As corporate transportation specialists with over 20 years of experience with Los Angeles traffic,  we advise to avoid driving at all this time around.  If within the city of Los Angeles is unavoidable, do NOT attempt to drive on your own.  Many motorists have opted instead to hire a professional chauffeur driven service.  Top tier Limo companys have the latest cutting edge technology in street traffic updates and routing.  A few maintain a staff of professionally screened chauffeurs, many hail from the emergency service sector.  Don’t be hesitant to call upon these companies to inquire about service protocol and rates during the weekend of Carmageddon 2012


Additional information on the closure and alternative routes can be found:

Traffic condition updates are available at:

L.A. City DOT Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC) system at:

For traffic on streets in and around LAX:

Caltrans provides current traffic status on California highways and state roads at:

Several organizations will post Tweets with up-to-the-minute conditions
Metro tweets can be found by signing up :@I-405.

For Tweets on airport and traffic conditions in an around LAX,  find LAX’s Twitter account at: www.Twitter.com/LAX_Official

A&E Worldwide Limousine is a private for-Hire Chauffeured Service based in Los Angeles. They provide a boutique level of luxury transportation services in over 350 cities worldwide. For a complete list of services and rates visit them online at aeworldwidelimo.com or contact info@aeworldwidelimo.com For faster service call the Los Angeles office directly at 818-324-0607.

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An Insiders Guide to 5 Star Chauffeured Service

Excellent Chauffeured Service

chauffeured serviceIn the luxury transportation industry, the term “5 star” service is thrown around, coveted and often misunderstood. 5 star service can mean many things to many people. Let’s take a look at what it means to achieve a 5 star rating and how to spot a 5 star limo service.

5 star ratings defined

Below is an easy breakdown of what emotions and impressions are most often associated with each star rating.  Please keep in mind that customer service is an art, not a science.  Also notice that the longest column belongs to the 1 star rating; what does this say about how strongly customers feel when given poor service?

5 – Amazed, out of the ordinary, “blown away” etc.

4 – Very content, above average, “Went above and beyond”, etc.

3 – Content, Fair, “The Usual”, Pleased,  etc.

2 – Dissatisfied, forgettable, below average, Poor, etc.

1 – Extremely unsatisfied, unpleasant , terrible, attrocious, Bad, “The worst!”  Etc.

The Devil is in the details

Throwing in a little something extra is one sure way to cinch a lasting positive impression. The proverbial “cherry on top” is what 7 out of 10 limousine customers remembered the most. For the limo company that shines, this could be offering a few extra amenities in the field or the office staff taking the time to go over any charges on the bill. The company that pays attention to the little details and takes extra special care of its customers is the one that often leaves a lasting impression.

Common Courtesy

Being polite and helpful can speak volumes about the level of service provided. “Please” and “thank you” leave a subtle impression with customers.  Most 5 star limo services show up 15 minutes early to the pickup, as a courtesy to the client.  Also, notice if the chauffeur asks if there is anything else the customer needs that day.

The Follow-up

A limo service that picks up the phone every time is off to a good start! The company that sends timely confirmations and invoices, or checks in after the job is done stands out amongst the rest. A follow-up correspondence with some kind of personal touch could even offer the customer a chance to write a glowing review about their ground transportation experience.

Listening to the Customer

Below are some key points that customers who gave 5 star ratings remembered most about the service.

1) Treats me as a human being, and not just as a number (reservations)

2) Anticipates my needs and has them available for me.

3) Often surprises me with an upgrade-without me asking for it.

3) Fixes problems without any fuss -even though I may be at fault.

4) Remembers me once I have stated my preferences – without asking me for this information all the time.

5) Provides what was promised. 

The Bottom Line

Only at or near 5 stars did customers become loyal and even advocates … impacting the bottom line by 25% to 90%. Referrals, repeat customers, and an increase of sales from the same customers grew exponentially with 5-star limousine services.

What are some memorable 5 star experiences that you have had?


A&E Worldwide Limousine is a private for-Hire Chauffeured Service based in Los Angeles.  They provide a boutique level of luxury transportation services in over 350 cities worldwide.   For a complete list of services and rates visit them online at aeworldwidelimo.com or contact info@aeworldwidelimo.com For faster service call the Los Angeles office directly at 818-324-0607.

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