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A Private Chauffeur’s Journey on an Airport Pickup at LAX!

Most do not know the extent to what private chauffeurs and limos companies go thru in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable airport pickup for the client. In this video, you will see what our chauffeur faces with challenges such as parking, road constructions, discretion, and more. A &E Worldwide knows the ins and outs to provide the highest quality service, making sure your limo ride is on time and of pure enjoyment.

Official Los Angeles Limo Tipping Guide

Tipping in the Los Angeles Limo Industry

When it comes to tipping in the private car service market, our chauffeurs get asked several questions. Does the passenger need to tip?  How much should I tip? Does the chauffeur get all the tip? When should I tip?  While each LA Limo company is different there are some industry standards that have taken shape over the last twenty years. Many of them shaped by tradition and necessity, while others have been shaped by legislation. To gain a clearer understanding and avoid an awkward faux paux in the field, it helps to take a look at customs for tipping in the Los Angeles limo industry.

Culture of tipping and Invoiced Gratuities

While in some countries tipping is considered offensive, in the US and particularly in LA the general rule of thumb is if a service employee carries a bag, props open a door or provides a personalized service of some sort, above and beyond the mundane, tips are appreciated and expected.

While in many service industries cash is king, multiple Los Angeles limo companies have followed the cruise ship or country club model of adding an automatically invoiced gratuity to the final bill.  While some passengers consider this to be rude or presumptuous, the policy is steeped in tradition, necessity and experience. Many executive car service rides throughout the years have typically been arranged through third party bookers such as executive assistants or travel managers. The last thing they want their VIPs worrying about is fumbling with cash in the field or concerning themselves with time consuming calculations. This is one reason why the majority of private car service companies add on the gratuity to the bill…its a matter of convenience for the passenger.

Driver Vs Chauffeur wages

Our experience has also shown that a professional hard working chauffeurs relies on the kindness of strangers for tips, however, many times they get stiffed. The expected and standardized gratuity in a high level service industry can be anywhere from 18-20%.

It’s important to understand the distinction between a driver and a chauffeur. Drivers are usually behind the wheel of a cab or rideshare vehicle. Chauffeurs are seasoned and trained professionals behind the wheel of an immaculate luxury vehicle. They often go above and beyond traditional expectations. From route selection to stocking and cleaning of the vehicle, top tier chauffeurs are cut above drivers, whose responsibilities , decorum and duties are minimal at best.

Quite frankly, talented chauffeurs expect to not only be well paid but also appreciated. We’ve found that if they are unable to earn a liveable wage – which in California often includes their gratuities – they will simply pack their bags and find other work. Many LA limo companies share a certain percentage of the base rate of a standard fare with their driver. In addition to this, they pass on the full amount of added gratuity to their chauffeurs. This gratuity is a large part of their living wage, and in addition to any medical and dental benefits has proven to be a consistent incentive for career chauffeurs.

Recent Legislation and the Discretionary Gratuity

As a direct result of litigation over the past few years regarding invoiced gratuity percentages and their qualifying status as “tips” under state and federal laws, the language has changed. Many private town car service and limo companies have begun labeling invoiced gratuities as discretionary or suggested tip.  This can be defined as an amount that is added to the invoice of a client’s ride. This discretionary amount can be increased,  subtracted from or completely eliminated based upon the passengers end experience. This essentially has changed perception of the added amount from an imposed charge to an actual tip that the customer has full control over.  While many passengers have a clear understanding that the drivers receive this on their paycheck, they also know that cash is still king, and may dole out an additional amount in the field directly to the driver.

While additional cash gratuity from hand to hand is not expected, it is certainly appreciated.  Some of our top tier chauffeurs in the field have seen $20 bills or even $100 bills from clients that have been wowed by their service experience.  Whether or not you decide to hand out anything additional is entirely up to you and is one additional way of saying thanks. Whether it’s airport car service or a limo for prom, the Los Angeles chauffeured service market is a unique one, with it’s own set of implied and defined rules regarding tipping.

Ultimately, the appreciated chauffeur will know his quality of service gauged by the tips he receives for the most part and that is if he doesn’t get stinked by a cheap client. Car and driver are the two deciding factors to a positive and memorable limo ride.

From top CEOs of distinct companies such as Twitter & Discovery to private weddings, A&E Worldwide Limo offers an array of top vehicles, limos, SUVs, Cadillacs, towncars, and more for your special event. Our service surpasses most client’s expectations with timely deliveries, personalized chauffeur service and a premier, luxurious limo experience!



What to tip a Chauffeur?

5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Chauffeured Car Service


Chauffeured Limo Service 101

Chauffeured car service can be both convenient and elegant.  Whether you’re pulling up to An exclusive Hollywood premiere or using airport car service, it’s often the preferred way to get around town. If you are going to rent a limo for the first time or even if you’re a seasoned car service veteran there are always details your limo service should make clear to you. The following covers 5 key questions you should always make sure to ask your Chauffeured car service provider.

When Will I be paying for my Chauffeured Car Service?

If you’re renting a Los Angeles Limo on a budget, getting a straight answer is crucial. The question is actually a two sided coin; let’s get the skinny on both. Find out if your car service does point-to-point or hourly/garage-to-garage billing. Depending on the type of service you’ll need, the answer will determine how you will be billed and help you to avoid having to pay a penny more than you need to.

Additionally, does the limo service demand payment in full or a deposit at the time of booking? Do you pay the full balance upfront at the beginning of the trip? Find out exactly when they’ll be putting charges on your card.

Is There an Hourly Minimum?

For client directed hourly trips, many LA Limo services charge a minimum number of hours-it’s usually around 2 to 4. If you’re just need to book airport car service, let your reservationist know that you require point-to-point service, which traditionally won’t have a minimum amount of hours attached.

Can I Get in Touch with My Chauffeur?

If you’re scheduling a pre-arranged pick-up, you’ll want to know how you can get in touch with your Chauffeur. Request their cell phone number ahead of time, as this is often helpful to have before during and after the trip.  Take advantage of any on-board communication too. If you’re going to rent a hummer limo, for Example see how you can communicate with your chauffeur during the trip. Are there intercom systems mounted in the vehicle in case you have any burning questions en route to your destination?

Is Alcohol Allowed In The Limo?

If you and your party are 21 years or older, most likely you’ll be fine consuming alcohol in the back of the limo. Ask ahead to make sure the limo comes with a full wet mini-bar. Some Los Angeles limo services have mini bars that rival that of many luxury hotel rooms.

Parents who plan to rent a limo for prom or any other event with minors should ask about the company’s policy regarding underage drinking. Great limousine companies often have a bag search protocol prior to boarding-this gives a measure of assurance and safety.

What Amenities Are Included With My Chauffeured Limo Service?

Ask what additional amenities are included with your limo rental. Will they have an AV package? Does it come with stereo surround sound, a CD Player, iPod connections? Why shouldn’t you enjoy your custom playlist during the ride? Additionally, see if they provide complimentary champagne or red carpet service for wedding limo packages. Ask about glass stem-ware, seating capacity and arrangement and anything additional provided with the service.

How Long Can We Party?

If you and your guests are having the time of your lives and you just don’t want the party to stop, you should be able to extend your reservation. The Likelihood of extending your limo service will be higher if your trip is the last scheduled reservation of the day. Be sure to inquire about policies and protocol ahead of time. There is often a higher cost for last-minute requests. If you’re unsure about the time window time your party will need, try and  book a longer window of time to avert any last-minute changes in billing or the off chance that the limousine won’t be able to accommodate your request. 

Is Chauffeur tip Included?

Chauffeurs often live off of their tips and many Los Angeles limo services have a policy of adding 20% to the invoice at the time of the initial booking, a practice known as “all-in pricing”. Make sure the price you get includes all additional add ons and ask for an explanation of each.


Special Thanks: John Kragh
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What’s In my bag: 5 Chauffeur Accessories We Can’t Live Without


Chauffeurs Are Not Built In a Day

Finding a driver is easy.  Turning that driver into a professional chauffeur is hard.  Growing a successful car service depends on the chauffeur communicating the vision and tone of the company out in the field.  After twenty years in the Los Angeles Limo industry and after spending some time behind the wheel myself, I’ve noticed a pattern of unique challenges a chauffeur can face. Some of these include: Personal Hygiene and Presentation, Attire, smoking, eating and drinking, Driving standards and Resting/sleeping in the car

While we can’t expect a chauffeur to be on point 100% of the time, there are some tools and tricks that can help him stay at 99% and overcome some of the unique challenges he may face in the field

Shout® Wipeschauffeured-service-accessories

Single serving packaged, portable and designed for one time use, these handy stain wipes can be a lifesaver for a chauffeur in the field.  These wipes are amazingly stain-absorbent and pretty much lift any sediment, dirt or stains off of ties, shirts and suit cuffs.  They even seem to do the trick on carpet and auto interiors too!


Kiwi Express Shine™ Spongeexecutive-car-service-essentials

It is common knowledge that one of the first things a client notices about chauffeurs are their shoes. These travel shoe shine sponges are the ideal accessory for a quick fix to minor scuffs on shoe leather.  They feature a unique self-wicking Clear shine liquid that gives a clean fresh shine every time. There’s even a hint of Color embedded in the sponge to cover up any unsightly nicks and scrapes No buffing necessary!


Zero Odor lax-limo-service-items

Zero Odor claims to be the first product “that eliminates odor at the molecular level”.  Whatever is in this stuff it works!  While air freshener and car scents tend to mask odors, Zero Odor seems to zap them at a core level.  Right after I sprayed it for the first time it left behind this odd, bleachy “tracer scent” However, after a few moments that scent was gone, leaving behind a neutral smelling clean space of air. I suggest keeping a 4 oz. bottle of this stuff in the limo at all times.


 Mac Wipessedan-service-wipes

The verdict is out-skin cleansing wipes are no longer just for women.  There’s nothing worse than having a greasy,unkempt driver show up.  In the chauffeured service industry cleanliness is next to godliness.  That’s why some of our chauffeurs swear by these MAC wipes.  A chauffeur often has limited resources when it comes to freshening up.  The MAC wipe makes use of a “sugar based emulsifier” that breaks down facial oil and built up grime.  They are extremely refreshing and seem to keep many of our chauffeurs awake and alert during those long shifts on the road


Colgate® Wisp® Car-service-must-haves

These single serving mini-toothbrushes are actually comprised of a soft plastic spindle with suave cleaning bristles on one end and a soft pick on the other.  As you brush, there’s a “freshening bead” designed to dissolve in your mouth and is safe to swallow.  This is a great tool for Chauffeurs that smoke or for those that can’t stay away from onions during their lunch break!

The 5 Worst Mistakes a Los Angeles Car Service Can Make

How to find a Reputable Car Los Angeles LimousineService

 Often cost isn’t the final determining factor in  the quality of a car service. There may be some important facts you need to konow about a company that are only discovered when you look deeper.  Not every car service is the same, just as every Limo Service in Los angeles is not created equally.  While online searches and investigation of the company’s reputation can be helpful, there’s usually a repeating pattern in some of the bottom rung LA Limo companies out there.  I have received many questions regarding worst case scenarios and how they are handled.  The following are the 5 most prominent gaffs committed by repeat offenders.


Poor Back Office Etiquette/Customer Service

A Los Angeles Car Service that answers the phone on the second ring is one step ahead of the competition. From reservations and confirmations to the final billing process, having a competent office team is essential to operating a successful Los Angeles car service.  The office staff are the nuts and bolts of the operation and can make or break a Los Angeles Limousine Service.  Bookers, reservationists and dispatchers all have some level of interaction with clients, travel agents and executive assistants.  The average day in the life of one of these bookers can be very stressful and the last thing they nedd is to deal with is someone who is slow, incompetent or just plain rude.  I have had several clients who have switched from their airport car service, simply because they were burnt out on the office staff.

 Poor Choice in Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs, often misspelled as chofer driver, are often the first and the last people to meet the clients in the field.  They are truly the ambassadors of any Town Car service.  It’s important that they are properly vetted, screened and trained.  Also, the nuances of choosing the right chauffeur for the job is something that comes with time and experience.  The worst example I can remember is a company that was putting a chauffeur with a registered sex offender background on Limos for prom.  The details of why and how this chauffeur was hired, let alone assigned to drive these particular clients is just as important as the poor judgment of the office staff.  You can begin to see how all the pieces fit together here.

 Poor Vehicle Condition and Limited Fleet

Fleet variety and condition are often the most visible benchmarks of a top tier Limo Service in Los Angeles.  No vehicle in the fleet should be older than 4 years old, and should have no more than 150,000 miles on it.  Something else to consider when choosing a Los Angeles Limousine service is fleet size and variety.  While some sedan services specialize in car service to LAX  (using older model Lincoln Town cars), other companies may have the most recent model Hummer Limos and Luxury sedans.  The ability to handle high end corporate/executive travel as well as retail car service to LAX is what sets apart an LAX shuttle service from a high level Executive Limo company.  This goes hand in hand with the next biggest and most common flub-a company’s inability to handle different types of accounts.

Inability to Deal With Different Types of Accounts

 Just as an LA Limo Service may be unable to handle variegated vehicle requests, some just can’t deal with different levels of clientele.  The reality star diva will require a different level of service than the average business traveler requiring airport car service.  The fortune 500 CEO will require different accommodations than an aging rock star.  These differences are numerous and nuanced and can be everything from immediate confirmations upon request to repeat requests of a specific chauffeur. The Los Angeles Limo Service that understands this and has an intuitive grasp of these differences can stay one step ahead of the competition.  The end goal is to continue to deliver a high grade and consistent level of customer service across the board.

Poor Communication and  Lack of Technology

Communication is a key component of the Limo industry-whether it be in the office or in the field.  Recent advances in technology include everything from automated dispatch and web based portal reservations to flawless GPS tracking and routing systems – even in car Wi-Fi.  The Limousine service in Los Angeles that is able to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the times is a company that stands out amongst a seas of black cars.  Two way Radios are a key component of field communication, where many cell towers can have limited reception.  Text and SMS have now added an additional advantage to sensitive situations where a phone call can be inappropriate with a high profile VIP on board.  Some chauffeur service companies are even able to provide chauffeur name and contact info to a booker or client the night before a run.  This is really where an LA Limo Service gets the chance to shine.  Recent advances in the limo app market have even allowed operators to provide real time driver tracking and instant dial options in the palm of the clients hand. Google docs and Cyber Travel Database Systems have also proved indispensable when dealing with travel agents and bookers that require updated real time info for large parties.

When researching a Limo Service in Los Angeles, one can easily tell when the office staff on the other end of the phone is beating around the bush and not giving a straight answer. This is a major red flag that should give you cause for caution. Before you book with a  Los Angeles Limousine service, make sure you find the answers to your questions. If a Limo Service hesitates or gives you nebulous answers, that’s a sign to start looking elsewhere. Never settle for second best when it comes to luxury transportation. All you need to do is a little bit of research and ask the right questions to avoid frustration down the line.



Top 10 Lifesaving Executive Travel Tips from the Pros

Who’s Afraid of Executive Travel?

Executive Travel doesn’t have to be anywhere near as overwhelming as it sounds. Whether it’s your first business trip or your hundredth, the truth is business people have been traveling for decades now. Here’s  a few really useful tips that can help you travel safer, faster, and more comfortably. 

Quick Tips to Remember

  1.  Put a dryer sheet in with your clothes, they will smell fresh and keep dry during transit
  2.  Have an extra plastic bag in your carry-on, this will not only help with passing through TSA checkpoints but can come in handy if anything springs a leak in your travel bag.
  3.  If your suit somehow gets wrinkled, put it in the hotel’s dryer for 3-5 minutes.
  4.  Check in online ahead of time and print out your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport.
  5. If it’s really running down to the wire and you’re running behind, you have a 30-minute cut-off for boarding.  If you miss this cut-off period, politely ask the agent for authorization to get a ‘gate pass.’  What this can do is buy you some time to get to the gate.  If you make it to within 15 minutes of take-off you have a good chance of getting onboard.
  6. Choose an executive travel agency with a proven track record for the best rates and superior travel support.
  7. If you choose to use a ground transportation provider, know the protocol for airport meet and greet. Will your chauffeur meet you at baggage? Will he meet you in the terminal? Or will he meet you curbside? These small details can save you a big headache after a long flight.
  8. Sign up with an airline rewards program early on and stick with it, you can earn some hefty rewards, in addition to building clout and pull with the airline company.
  9. Also, take some time to look into the city where you’ll be travelling. If and when you have some time off, you can make the most of it by planning ahead.

 Travel Healthy

Travelling healthy is just as important as travelling right.  Executive air travel can take a toll on the human body. Commercial airliners have notoriously poor air quality and circulation; some veteran executive travelers swear by zinc and vitamin C. These supplements can be taken before flight or while on the plane. Red Clover tea is considered a go-to immune system booster and peppermint tea has been known settle a queasy stomach.  Of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated, this can stave off some of the most common ailments associated with air travel.

Changing Time Zones

If you’re changing time zones, you can adjust to the new time zone on the plane.  You can try to knock out as soon as possible or stay up until you arrive.  The choice depending, of course, on the time zone difference.  The goal is to be able to engage immediately once you land.  The best way to fall asleep immediately is to head for the back row. The back row on most planes these days is most likely to be empty, which means you can stretch out and sleep.

Pack As Light as Possible

For the executive traveler on the move, this one is kind of a no brainer, but needs repeating. Pack as light as possible. Only pack a carry-on, and your computer bag, messenger bag or briefcase. If you’re not stuck waiting for luggage, you’ll be sipping a Mai Tai at the hotel bar before the other passengers have even gotten their ground transportation. Put leisure clothes on the bottom, then place suits separated by dry cleaning bags in the middle, on top of that place your shoes, and then toiletries on top. If you have large presentation materials or company samples send them to the hotel or conference center ahead of time, they will be waiting for you once you get there and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost.

Excessive Executive travel can take a cumulative toll.  but with some proper planning and some useful tools, the effects can be manageable. Do you have some useful tips to share that you have picked up along the way?

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Los Angeles Field Guide to Finding an Expert Chauffeur

LA Limo Service: The truth

Countless Los Angeles Limousine services will promise that their chauffeurs are some of the best in the business.  But how can you be sure?

Ask what service sector the chauffeurs hail from.

Many of the most highly requested chauffeurs in the Los Angeles limousine industry come from the service and hospitality sector. Others hail from the private sector and many from the emergency service sector.  Chauffeurs really should be fully licensed and insured as they are the companies most valuable assets.  The exceptional ones are those that possess impeccable driving records and bring with them a multitude of valuable interpersonal and vocational skills .

Background checks, safety and experience

Every high level executive chauffeur should be background checked by a Department of Justice certified agency and all chauffeurs MUST pass a pre-employment and random drug testing process as mandated by the Los Angeles DOT law.  Most professional executive car service candidates should have a minimum of two years field experience and be accustomed to dealing with the needs of high profile clients

Training Protocol

Top tier executive chauffeurs MUST go through an extensive training period.  Depending on the internal protocol, training may cover everything from safety and comfort driving to internal company and  client relations.  Even small minutia like proper chauffeur grooming and  etiquette make a world of difference in the field.  Does the executive car service you choose have some kind of employee probationary period, if so how long is this period?.

10 differences between a Los Angeles Limo driver and a “Chauffeur”

The Chauffeur is often the first and only company representative the client will meet out in the field.  First impressions are everything in this business. Chauffeurs are many things.  They are licensed and insured professionals that sign binding client privacy and confidentiality agreements.  They are masters of high end customer service and they have the ability to “read people” well.  Chauffeurs are like mobile concierges – they open doors for passengers, handle luggage and know Los Angeles like the back of their hand.  Below are some great benchmarks that differentiate a chauffeur from a driver.  An exceptional chauffeur will CONSISTENTLY possess the following traits:

  1. Has a presentable appearance: properly uniformed and clean shaven.  Nails trimmed,   hair groomed..etc.- He should communicate  an image of professionalism.

  2. He is ALWAYS punctual (15 minutes early) and knows how and where to meet the client.

  3. Maintains a flexible attitude when communicating with executive travel agents and bookers, especially when giving 10 minute out calls or status updates.

  4. Has good social skills and should know how to provide  ‘red carpet’ level hospitality. Many highly requested chauffeurs act like owners and not employess.

  5. Speaks the passengers “language” and speaks only after being spoken to.

  6. Drives in a professional manner that makes the passenger feel safe and comfortable.

  7. Maintains a ‘spirit of service’: handles baggage, stages the vehicle as close to the passengers entrance as possible, checks to see if the vehicle is at a comfortable interior temperature and always answers any additional questions with a flexible attitude.  A savvy chauffeur never says no.  He either responds with “of course” or “I can figure it out for you”
  8. Possesses a combination of being assertive and polite.  High level chauffeurs are able to command a presence with different client personas, while still maintaining an aura of humility.

  9. Has a working knowledge of all major routes in the area; many clients specifically ask for a chauffeur who can act as a guide as well.  Chauffeurs know how and when to offer a helpful travel tip, suggestions or even book a reservation for them at an exclusive restaurant or club.

  10. Genuinely enjoys his job.  This is a big one! Non verbal communication can convey so much to an astute passenger and nobody likes a grump!

There are a multitude of variables that a chauffeur has to weigh and manage.  Exceptional Chauffeurs provide the most immaculate “white glove” door to door experience possible.  It’s a constant and fluid effort on their part.  One that involves projecting a professional appearance, driving safely and efficiently, protecting the interests of the company, and most importantly the wishes of the passenger – who (indirectly) is the chauffeurs immediate Boss.

Top tier Los Angeles Limo companies understand these subtleties and strive to give the client what they want.  The chauffeur is often matched with the client that requests them on a repeated basis.  At times chauffeurs are matched with their client by personality type. When used properly, a high level chauffeured service can help the client build a polished image that cements their reputation from the very start.

What memorable traits or anecdotes can you think of that really make a Chauffeur shine?

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Survival Guide for Lap Band and Bariatric Surgery in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bariatric Surgery and Lap Band procedures

Bariatric surgery, also known as  gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve procedure or more popularly as the Lap Band procedure- is being performed at an unprecedented rate.  The typical indication for this procedure is when obese patients do not respond to lifestyle changes, dietary measures and/or medications.  The sheer increase in the number of these procedures being performed annually warrants a closer look at the complications and risks involved in Lap Band surgery.  There are also several steps that can be taken during patient preparation that are indispensable in reducing the risk of complications.

 There are a few variances in the field of bariatric surgery, but that would be beyond the scope of this particular discussion. In brief, many surgeons have chosen the laparoscopic (hence the term Lap Band) approach over the traditional open surgical approach.  The rationale behind this choice is to simplify the number of external incisions as well as shortening the recovery time. Let’s now take a closer look at the risks and complications involved with gastric bypass surgery and then propose some measures that can be taken to reduce these risks.

 Complications with Los Angeles Bariatric Surgery

  • Strictures and bowel obstruction

 Severe formation of scar tissues and the kinking at specific sites of the intestine can lead to narrowing or blockage of the intestine.  This can manifest as inability to hold down foods and fluids.  Signs and symptoms include:  vomiting, abdominal distension and pain.   Complications related to bowel obstructions and strictures need to be corrected as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

  •  Bleeding

Bleeding is a common complication with many types of surgery.  This may occur immediately post-operative to several days after the bariatric surgery.  Depending on the severity of the bleeding, the signs and symptoms manifest differently.  Also, the bleeding may not even be noticeable to the untrained eye.  Monitoring of vital signs in the field during a Non-Emergency Transport and having on site clinicians perform a post-op hemoglobin level check can often help early detection of any major hemmoraghes at which point surgeons can seal off any oozing area and avoid major complications.

  •  Leakage through anastomosis

Bariatric surgery basically links up parts of the stomach with portions of the intestine and this invovles anastomosis. Stapling devices are used the majority of the time and in some cases these linked connections can give way. Whenever a leakage of this type occurs there is the risk of intestinal content spilling into the abdominal cavity.  This spillage can lead to serious and in some cases fatal infections like peritonitis and sepsis. Patients should always have a full assessment performed both pre and post-op. Signs and sypmptoms to be on the lookout  for include: elevated temperature, shortness of breath, abdominal pain greater than 6 on the pain scale, abdominal distension and pulsating masses. Often times a careful palpation of all four abdominal quadrants can help detect leakage and internal bleeding early.

  •  Pulmonary embolism

 In some cases, patients have developed blood clots in the lower limbs.  This is largely dependent on patient susceptibility to clots and their individual medical history.  The biggest danger with clots is their ability to dislodge and travel towards the lungs. When clots travel to the lungs, this can lead to respiratory distress and failure. This condition can be fatal without early prevention, diagnosis and mobilization.  Also the clinical use of blood thinning agents in susceptible patients has been shown to be of great aid.

  •  Nutritional deficiencies

In some cases, gastric bypass surgery may lead to deprivation of certain nutrients.  In this case the clinician can work closely together with a properly certified dietician to prescribe special supplements.

Above and beyond any previously discussed risks and complications, some patients are also susceptible to increased incidence of gallstones, ulcers and other infections. Of course close follow-up can help in avoiding these manifestations.

In House Solutions

The truth is that there is no way to absolutely guaranty a perfect outcome.  Patients and providers alike are encouraged to research and then research some more.  Providers are urged to thoroughly explain the demystify complications of bariatric surgery.  Patients are likewise encouraged to follow the surgeon’s instructions for proper care before after the surgery – To a “T”. Doing research and finding an excellent surgical center is half the battle. Patients and providers are both expected to take extra special care after the surgery to avoid as many complications as possible, and to ensure proper healing. Even if all advice has been heeded on occasion a complication will occur. This is the nature of any surgical procedure. Any information to the contrary is completely erroneous.  A competent and ethical surgeon will be forthright in regards to complications but will thoroughly explain the proper planning and care that MUST be taken  Also, patients should consider hiring a private duty nurse.   Any surgeon should have access to a reputable nursing agency, or Surgical Aftercare Center.

 Post Operative Solutions

The newest trend with Los Angeles Bariatric surgery is for surgery centers to arrange Non-Emergency Luxury transportation for their patients.  This service is often reserved for the day of surgery and for follow-up appointments. Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies are traditionally chauffeur driven  services that have seasoned and certified EMTs behind the wheel and are often equipped with Medical Grade Oxygen and a fully stocked trauma kit.  Transportation of patients includes those coming out of bariatric procedures, plastic surgery, pain management, Dr. appointments, even retirement communities.

 A&E Worldwide Limousine is a private for-Hire Chauffeured Service based in Los Angeles. They provide luxury transportation services in over 350 cities worldwide. For a complete list of services and rates visit them online at aeworldwidelimo.com or contact info@aeworldwidelimo.com For faster service call the Los Angeles office directly at 818-324-0607.

special thanks: Dr Pandula Siribaddana. Helium.com
image: bandingcentersofamerica.com

Everything You Need to Know Before Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

Cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles has a storied History. Both popular media and urban culture have spun plastic and cosmetic surgery into something that is revered, reviled and often misunderstood. Common understanding would define Cosmetic surgery  as a procedure performed in order to alter the shape and physical appearance of a patient for various reasons. Cosmetic surgery can include such procedures as face lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction/tummy tuck, hair implants, breast reduction/augmentation.  Other popular procedures include Botox, fillers and even the newest in laser treatment.  Depending on the invasiveness of the procedure a few post-operative complications do exist.

Types of Complications

Complications can be grouped into generalized complications (the type seen in any other surgical procedure) and complications related specifically to Cosmetic and Plastic surgery.

  •  Bleeding

This is a common complication with any type of surgical procedure but with Cosmetic and Plastic surgery there is a higher vasculature in specific tissue structures.  As a result of these complications, many surgery centers make innovative use of drains and pressure bandages to staunch and prevent excessive bleeding.

  • Seroma Lesions

In some situations, there exists the chance of fluid collecting between empty tissue space which can cause a lesion known as a seroma. These lesions can be drained easily but, there is a possibility of recurrent seroma formation despite corrective treatments.

  •  Skin death/ necrosis

If the blood supply to a portion of tissue is cut off, it can lead to skin death and may need to be removed. It can affect the result of the procedure and may often lead to serious infection.

  • Slow healing

Slow healing can lead to higher incidence of infection and complications following cosmetic surgery. Patients and health care professionals are urged to complete a thorough medical history evaluation together and identify any medical conditions that require medication or regular care.

  •  Asymmetry/Lopsidedness

This complication is all too common with the abundance of private practices with questionable medical procedures.   There are doctors that have made revision surgery their specialty and this second surgery is often needed.  The necessity of this surgery is dependent upon patient presentation and the severity of disfigurement. Sometimes the second surgery may not have to be performed, as it may lead to further complications in and of itself.

  •  Sensory/motor function impairment

During many cosmetic surgery procedures, there exists the chance of damaging nerves proximal  to the site of surgery.  This is often due to surgeon error or any number of other complications. Consequently, caution should be practiced when performing these surgeries as well as during the post-operative period to avert further complications

  •  Medications

In few cases, where there are repeated surgical procedures, the recurrent use of medication has presented a complication as well.


In House Solutions

The truth is that there is no way to absolutely guaranty a perfect outcome.  Patients and providers alike are encouraged to research and then research some more.  Surgical centers are urged to thoroughly explain and demystify the complications of Cosmetic surgery.  Patients should be encouraged to follow the surgeon’s instructions for proper care before after the surgery without fail.

Patients and providers are expected to take special care before and after the surgery to ensure the best possibility for proper healing. Even if all advice has been heeded on occasion a complication will occur. This is the nature of any surgical procedure;any information to the contrary is completely erroneous. A competent and ethical surgeon will always be forthright in regards to expected complications but will thoroughly explain the proper planning and the care that MUST be taken

Post-Operative Solutions

Some patients can consider hiring a private duty nurse.  Any surgeon should have access to a reputable nursing agency, or Surgical Aftercare Center.

Many Aftercare centers have exclusive partnerships with Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies  These specialized transportation services are often reserved for the day of surgery and for follow-up appointments. Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies are traditionally chauffeur driven  services that have seasoned and certified EMTs behind the wheel.  Many of these luxury vehicles come fully equipped with Medical Grade Oxygen and a fully stocked trauma kit.  Transportation of patients include those coming out of elective procedures, plastic surgery, pain management, Dr. Appointments even retirement communities

What are some of the challenges you have faced with Cosmetic surgery and what are some improvements that you would like to see in the years to come?


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A&E Worldwide Limousine is a private for-Hire Chauffeured Service based in Los Angeles. They provide  luxury transportation services in over 350 cities worldwide. For a complete list of services and rates visit them online at aeworldwidelimo.com or contact info@aeworldwidelimo.com For faster service call the Los Angeles office directly at 818-324-0607.

Can Non-Emergency Luxury transportation turn patients into advocates?

The Challenge for Surgery Centers

What is the most challenging part of any elective procedure?  Is it the procedure itself? Is it the recovery process?  Doctors and patients all agree that the transportation is the most challenging.  The logistics of transporting a high end client who may have multiple medical conditions may often prove a challenge.  Add to this a patient who is under the influence of Post-operative medication and this creates a unique logistical situation for many surgery centers.  Not to mention the strain on friends and family when they need to drive a patient around. Patients, Staff and family need a particularly high level of transportation service that can provide comfort, safety and peace of mind.

What would such a service be worth to you if you knew that it could ensure referrals and repeat clients?

What is Non-Emergency Luxury transportation?

Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies are traditionally chauffeur driven  services that have seasoned and certified EMTs behind the wheel and all major medical equipment on board. They are very different from traditional “wheelchair” vans driven by someone who may not possess the medical knowledge or equipment for a high stakes transport. The vehicle most often used is the Lincoln Executive Town Car.  Many of these luxury ground transportation vehicles come fully equipped with Medical Grade Oxygen and a fully stocked trauma kit.  Transportation of patients include those coming out of elective procedures, plastic surgery, pain management, Dr. appointments, even retirement communities.

Why use Non-Emergency Luxury transportation ?

One simple reason, peace of mind for the patient, family and the facility.  Many patients may be under the influence of anything from sedatives to anti-naseau medication.  Other patients may have multiple medical conditions that require some level of medical supervision.  Even more yet are simply unwilling or unable to drive themselves.  The EMTs behind the wheel of these luxury vehicles can perform anything from patient assessments to monitoring of vital signs.   Most companies should have medical provider insurance and by Los Angeles county Department of Health standards are able to assume risk of medical liability.

Turning your patients into advocates for your practice

Empirical evidence exists that surgery centers that offer a higher level of care can increase the value of their practice to the patient.  As a  direct result of rolling Non Emergency Luxury transportation into an existing “concierge level” of services, many Los Angeles  surgery centers have  converted  high numbers of consultations into repeat clients and referrals. When offering Non-Emergency Luxury transportation you are transporting the most precious asset you have-your patient.  These specialized services offer more than just peace of mind.  Surgery center RNs and facility administrators were  polled and a unanimous conclusion was reached; having a competent, medical professional behind the wheel has made their job easier and put both patients and family at ease.

Service Starts once the procedure ends 

The majority of post-surgical complications can range from minor swelling to  localized pain. However major complications have been noted in 3%to16% of many elective procedures.  Many of these post-operative complications occur immediately to within 3 days of surgery.  With the incidence of medical malpractice lawsuit on the rise, why take a chance with your patient’s recovery.  Countless Los Angeles surgery centers are starting to view professional Non-Emergency Luxury transportation as a valuable asset to their quality of care.