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5 Must Have Apps for The Executive Assistant

5 Must Have Apps for The Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Apps

Apps for Executive AssistantsExecutive Assistants are a breed apart. Between aligning their tone and vision with that of their boss, to juggling 3 or more different tasks at the same time, their day is busier than yours-trust me. Below are five of some of the most popular and useful apps designed for the Executive Assistant who is constantly on the go. From accounting to productivity, these apps are indispensable for the professional managing multiple deadlines at the same time. Some are free, some are paid but all of them are aimed at making your day a little easier.

QuickBooks Online

Balance Sheet by QuickBooks AppA recent reinvention of the original Quickbooks, this iPhone app connects existing users to Intuit’s ubiquitous accounting software. Now you can check real time bank and credit card info and integrate the same accounts payable and receivable features that many users have come to know and love. It even allows users to search and update multiple customer databases and update profit and loss reports.

(The actual app is free; QuickBooks Online incurs a $9.95 monthly fee.)

Pocket Punchclock

Pocket Punchclock Time Manager AppThis app makes it super easy to log the amount of time spent on multiple tasks. The app is the ideal solution for various assistants who bill by the hour or freelance professionals that need to officially keep track of their time. The software has a user friendly stopwatch style clock and allows you to work with more than one timesheet. It documents exact times and charges and integrates your smartphones GPS to include location based info. All this and the info can be e-mailed as well

(Cost: $9.99)


Ambiance App For Executive AssistantsSome Assistants require some peace of mind to stay productive. While straight white noise has its proponents, this app produces over a dozen soothing sounds to relax to. Sounds include: a roaring camp fire, rain and wind, and crashing waves.

(Cost: $0.99)

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer InstructionEveryone knows that the missing link of the iPhone is voice-activated dialing. Other operating systems can intuitively dial contacts by simply saying “Call office” or “Call Cell”. Finally an app that fills this void. Hold down the clearly visible button and enunciate the name of a person in your contact list when prompted.


Jott for iPhone

jott for iphone voice recording applicationThis simple but ingenious app can record your award winning ideas or brainstormed thoughts when you speak them into your iPhone’s built in mic. Additionally, it can also transcribe your dictated voice notes into text (perfect for email or dictation). The app is free, but maintaining a Jott account is a pre requisite.


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