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5 Questions to ask Before Hiring a Limo for the Los Angeles Grammys

Renting a Limo for the grammys in Los Angeles has always been a popular option for your many red carpet arrivals. Just remember that the Grammy awards is often one of the most impacted days of the years for Los angeles Limo services. put off planning until the last minute. To save you the headache of worrying about how when and who to book your next Los Angeles grammys limo ride with we have put together 5 of the most common questions many over look when Booking a LA private car service for the big night

How early should I book my Limo:

The question of when to book your ride is a simple one to answer. Book your limo as early as possible. Many Los angeles limo services get sold out as soon as the first of December and you don’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes time to arrive in style. Something else to consider and a tricky little secret nobody in the industry talks about is dynamic pricing. This is a common industry practice where some LA limo companies will begin to Jack up pricing closer to the date of Grammys night to maximize profit potential for those in desperate need of Los Angeles limo rental. While we choose to practice consistent and all inclusive pricing no matter what, some companies consider availability a premium and follow similar industry practice as airlines or hotels and institute peak pricing that often hit those in need the hardest. Shop around but don’t wait to long to commit to a LA limousine company you feel comfortable with.

What will I get with my Limo

Limo can often be a very general way of describing any private chauffeured service. When some think of a limo they often consider a private sedan or SUV service falling under the umbrella of generalized limo service. While this may hold true the rest of the year, the most common vehicle rented for the grammy awards are stretch limos. While the amenities offered in each vehicle can vary from company to company here’s some of what you can expect on some higher end offerings

Fully stocked mini bar: This is often a benchmark of a higher end company that offers a “carte blanche” service. Some of the vehicles will come stocked with sodas, soft drinks ice water a mix of dark or light liquor and even a bottle of bubbly to toast with the award winners.

Fully Loaded Media Package: Depending upon the age and model of the vehicle sent out, some models will have a fully equipped surround sound system with AUX or blue tooth connections for your playlist. They may also come equipped with LCD monitors and user adjustable light packages

Chauffeur: This is truly where the rubber meets the road. Ask questions about who will be driving you that evening. Are all drivers DOJ live scan background checked. drug tested? How many years of experience does the company, or chauffeur have in the Los Angeles Limo industry ? Make sure to research the company’s TCP number, and insurance which should be in good standing with the California’s Public Utilities Commission.

If anything seems amiss and you can’t seem to get a straight answer to your question, best to move on and follow your gut feeling. After all, the chauffeur driving you will have your life in their hands on a very busy and often crowded night on the streets of LA.

What type of limo should I book

The old adage that bigger is better often holds true on vehicles as well. The type of Limo you select can often be as personal a choice as the outfit you choose to wear on the red carpet From long black and shiny stretch limos or a sprinter van make sure that you book a vehicle that allows consumption of alcoholic beverage on board if you want to partake in adult beverages throughout the night. California law states that there must be a divider or partition between driver and passenger cab for open container alcoholic beverages to be served on board. Also everyone must be at least 21 years of age. the most common vehicles to allow consumption of alcohol are the stretch limos, party buses and sprinter limo vans

Can I just book a one way trip

This is where it can get tricky, while some companies may service airport trips on Grammys night separate and dedicated point to point trips are usually not on the menu for the big night Hourly minimums across the board can vary, but expect to look at anywhere from 6 to 8 hr minimums for any city wide awards season dates.

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