6 Must Have Mobile Apps for Business Travel

Business Travel Made Simple

Business travel has made getting around more accessible than ever.  This global village of ours has made communication and transportation fluid and effortless. With the help of global chauffeured services booking sedan service is a snap.  With the use of a virtual assistant, making airline reservations and finding a boutique hotel in London or Frankfurt has become a breeze. Whether you travel light or pack multiple suitcases, it’s safe to assume you won’t be leaving your ipad or smart phone behind.  Apps have revolutionized executive travel.  Choosing the right ones can make a difference in the cumulative difficulty of your day.  Below are 5 top rated apps for the Executive Traveler whether you’re staying local or jet setting to Europe:

worldmate app


Worldmate has all you’ll need while travelling. It keeps track of your itinerary, has up to  date weather forecasts, provides a currency converter and allows you to book hotels through the free version. there are also the indispensable travel notifications, which keep you in the loop on the weather and syncs to do lists for the day. Some of the key features of the Gold version ($3.99 through iTunes) of this app include: currency converter, weather forecasts, Real-time Flight a spiffy tip calculator, World Clocks, Hotel and flight search.  Additionally the Itinerary manager and Automated flight alerts are said to be top notch. We say –Wow!

 Lookout Security and Anti-Viruslookout antivirus app

The more Apps and sensitive information you have on your phone, the more likely you will need some sort of strong protection. The Lookout Security and Antivirus app is a mobile firewall of sorts. This app makes sure that you are never left with some sort of malicious virus on your phone.  Malicious Malware and viruses have been known to completely lock users out of smartphone functionality.  It can even pinpoint the location of your phone to within a few meters, should you lose your phone or if it slips into the wrong hands. We say this app is ESSENTIAL!

 TripIttripit executive travel app

Forget about all your travel planning paperwork and instead download the TripIt travel app. This is a free app that can archive every confirmation number that you receive relating to your trip, and it stores it all in the same place. This app has changed the way we do Executive Travel.  Be it dinner reservations, hotel, flight or ground transportation bookings, there’s almost nothing TripIt can’t handle.  There are times when going paperless during executive travel can be essential and TripIt has positioned itself in the right place at the right time.  We say TripIt is a MUST HAVE!

 WikiHood Guidebookwikihood for ipad

 One of iTunes Top rated apps is the WikiHood Guidebook app. This app uses your phones internal GPS to find some of the best attractions local to the area. Whether it be a gastronomy pub, reliable limo service, or anything local or peculiar in your area, WikiHood will find it. This app has gone so viral that people have decided to use it at home as well.  It’s like having a seasoned Chauffeur on hand to give his best personal recommendations 24 hours a day.  We say-WIN!

 Translator With Voicetranslator with voice iphone app

If you find yourself traveling in a land whose language you do not speak, then the Translator with Voice app is a no-brainer. This app translates a veritable anthology of languages with integrated voice support. It can speak entire sentences for you, and even knows which languages it is capable of translating into English. This app may mean the difference between landing that big overseas account or being chuckled at and fired in 4 different languages.  We say this app is a NO-BRAINER!

Passbookpassbook for iphone

One of the newest, most pratical  and often misunderstood apps, Passbook is a powerful tool in the right hands. It can keeping track of various passes such as coupons, tickets, airline rewards, gift cards and more.  Many brands have taken notice and automated their compatability including American Airlines, United Airlines and Fandango just to name a few. Passbook uses a GPS based feature called ‘location aware’ and alerts you when you are near somewhere where it can be used.  The best case scenario is that executive travelers will have more room in their wallet and one less thing to keep track of.  We say-BRAVO! 

Executive Travel has certainly not become easier but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Gone are the days when you had to fumble around looking for confirmations and reservations. Save the room in your briefcase with these apps and your travels will be lighter and more manageable.

Special Thanks Jon Kragh BeTransported.com
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