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8 Executive Travel Tips for Car Service Clients

8 Executive Travel Tips for Car Service Clients

Business Travel Survival

8 Executive Travel Tips for Car Service Clients

It’s the height of holiday and business travel season.  Chances are that you’ll be taking planes trains and using car service during your Journey.  While many business travelers are urged to take a moment to relax; most will just soldier on. Travel related stress can take a cumulative toll.  All the small snags and snafus can add up.

Here’s a survival guide to attack the most common travel related stress scenarios that occur during executive travel. 

Restroom Recon: If you’re in a hurry to find a restroom, head to the nearest large hotel. Most hotels have bathrooms on or near the lobby floor that are traditionally kept clean.

Recuperative Efforts: Department stores are ideal locations to quickly freshen up or reapply makeup. Just head over to the cosmetic sample counters and you’ll find a veritable anthology of lipstick, makeup, and perfume at your disposal.

Airport Car Service: When exiting your Limo, be mindful to leave your door ajar while your luggage is being retrieved out of the trunk; that way the Town Car service can’t take off before you get your luggage out.

Baggage Distinction: Give each piece of your baggage an unmistakable look—tie a scarf to a handle or invest in a bright hued luggage tag. Luggage can be hard to tell apart, and even though you can probably figure it out, not all business travelers are as savvy as you are.

Attacking Wrinkles: Take advantage of those thin plastic dry-cleaning bags by putting them between delicate articles of clothing- this will prevent most wrinkling. Pack precious and smaller items in zip-lock bags avoid further crinkling.

Ditch Equipment-Specific Bags:  A diaper bag has fewer chances of being snagged, than an expensive looking pelican case If you’re bringing any valuable electronics with you this travel season (such as macbooks, ipads, camcorders, or photo gear), think about  organizing them in a diaper or baby bag instead of those techy and conspicuous  cases designed for them. Diaper bags have plenty of handy compartments for storage.

Free up More Space: If you’re suitcase feels maxed out, squeeze out the last bit of space. Zip up your baggage and drop it a couple of times on the ground.  What you’re doing is compressing the contents as much as you can, and freeing up more room.

False Wallet: Make a “mugger’s wallet” This will be comprised of a small amount of cash along with some type of photo ID (not your Passport or driver’s license) and supplemental, but replaceable, cards-to give it some weight. Take this wallet for your day to day journeys, but be ready to give it up  it in an emergency. Keep this throw-away wallet in your front pocket, and surround it with a rubber band. You will instantly sense any effort to remove it.

image: Barnesandnoble.com

special thanks: courtney Daniels

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