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An Insiders Guide to 5 Star Chauffeured Service

An Insiders Guide to 5 Star Chauffeured Service

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Excellent Chauffeured Service

In the luxury transportation industry, the term “5 star” service is thrown around, coveted and often misunderstood. 5 star service can mean many things to many people. Let’s take a look at what it means to achieve a 5 star rating and how to spot a 5 star limo service.

5 star ratings defined

Below is an easy breakdown of what emotions and impressions are most often associated with each star rating.  Please keep in mind that customer service is an art, not a science.  Also notice that the longest column belongs to the 1 star rating; what does this say about how strongly customers feel when given poor service?

5 – Amazed, out of the ordinary, “blown away” etc.

4 – Very content, above average, “Went above and beyond”, etc.

3 – Content, Fair, “The Usual”, Pleased,  etc.

2 – Dissatisfied, forgettable, below average, Poor, etc.

1 – Extremely unsatisfied, unpleasant , terrible, attrocious, Bad, “The worst!”  Etc.

The Devil is in the details

Throwing in a little something extra is one sure way to cinch a lasting positive impression. The proverbial “cherry on top” is what 7 out of 10 limousine customers remembered the most. For the limo company that shines, this could be offering a few extra amenities in the field or the office staff taking the time to go over any charges on the bill. The company that pays attention to the little details and takes extra special care of its customers is the one that often leaves a lasting impression.

Common Courtesy

Being polite and helpful can speak volumes about the level of service provided. “Please” and “thank you” leave a subtle impression with customers.  Most 5 star limo services show up 15 minutes early to the pickup, as a courtesy to the client.  Also, notice if the chauffeur asks if there is anything else the customer needs that day.

The Follow-up

A limo service that picks up the phone every time is off to a good start! The company that sends timely confirmations and invoices, or checks in after the job is done stands out amongst the rest. A follow-up correspondence with some kind of personal touch could even offer the customer a chance to write a glowing review about their ground transportation experience.

Listening to the Customer

Below are some key points that customers who gave 5 star ratings remembered most about the service.

1) Treats me as a human being, and not just as a number (reservations)

2) Anticipates my needs and has them available for me.

3) Often surprises me with an upgrade-without me asking for it.

3) Fixes problems without any fuss -even though I may be at fault.

4) Remembers me once I have stated my preferences – without asking me for this information all the time.

5) Provides what was promised. 

The Bottom Line

Only at or near 5 stars did customers become loyal and even advocates … impacting the bottom line by 25% to 90%. Referrals, repeat customers, and an increase of sales from the same customers grew exponentially with 5-star limousine services.

What are some memorable 5 star experiences that you have had?

A&E Worldwide Limousine is a private for-Hire Chauffeured Service based in Los Angeles.  They provide a boutique level of luxury transportation services in over 350 cities worldwide.   For a complete list of services and rates visit them online at aeworldwidelimo.com or contact info@aeworldwidelimo.com For faster service call the Los Angeles office directly at 818-324-0607.

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