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Can Non-Emergency Luxury transportation turn patients into advocates?

Can Non-Emergency Luxury transportation turn patients into advocates?

The Challenge for Surgery Centers

What is the most challenging part of any elective procedure?  Is it the procedure itself? Is it the recovery process?  Doctors and patients all agree that the transportation is the most challenging.  The logistics of transporting a high end client who may have multiple medical conditions may often prove a challenge.  Add to this a patient who is under the influence of Post-operative medication and this creates a unique logistical situation for many surgery centers.  Not to mention the strain on friends and family when they need to drive a patient around. Patients, Staff and family need a particularly high level of transportation service that can provide comfort, safety and peace of mind.

What would such a service be worth to you if you knew that it could ensure referrals and repeat clients?

What is Non-Emergency Luxury transportation?

Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies are traditionally chauffeur driven  services that have seasoned and certified EMTs behind the wheel and all major medical equipment on board. They are very different from traditional “wheelchair” vans driven by someone who may not possess the medical knowledge or equipment for a high stakes transport. The vehicle most often used is the Lincoln Executive Town Car.  Many of these luxury ground transportation vehicles come fully equipped with Medical Grade Oxygen and a fully stocked trauma kit.  Transportation of patients include those coming out of elective procedures, plastic surgery, pain management, Dr. appointments, even retirement communities.

Why use Non-Emergency Luxury transportation ?

One simple reason, peace of mind for the patient, family and the facility.  Many patients may be under the influence of anything from sedatives to anti-naseau medication.  Other patients may have multiple medical conditions that require some level of medical supervision.  Even more yet are simply unwilling or unable to drive themselves.  The EMTs behind the wheel of these luxury vehicles can perform anything from patient assessments to monitoring of vital signs.   Most companies should have medical provider insurance and by Los Angeles county Department of Health standards are able to assume risk of medical liability.

Turning your patients into advocates for your practice

Empirical evidence exists that surgery centers that offer a higher level of care can increase the value of their practice to the patient.  As a  direct result of rolling Non Emergency Luxury transportation into an existing “concierge level” of services, many Los Angeles  surgery centers have  converted  high numbers of consultations into repeat clients and referrals. When offering Non-Emergency Luxury transportation you are transporting the most precious asset you have-your patient.  These specialized services offer more than just peace of mind.  Surgery center RNs and facility administrators were  polled and a unanimous conclusion was reached; having a competent, medical professional behind the wheel has made their job easier and put both patients and family at ease.

Service Starts once the procedure ends

The majority of post-surgical complications can range from minor swelling to  localized pain. However major complications have been noted in 3%to16% of many elective procedures.  Many of these post-operative complications occur immediately to within 3 days of surgery.  With the incidence of medical malpractice lawsuit on the rise, why take a chance with your patient’s recovery.  Countless Los Angeles surgery centers are starting to view professional Non-Emergency Luxury transportation as a valuable asset to their quality of care.

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