At A&E Worldwide Limousine we want to assure you that the health and safety of our clients and staff remain our highest priority right now. As our country begins the gradual task of moving again. We have at our hands a process that Is designated by both CDC and OSHA workplace safety mandates for our industry.

To that end and to assure the peace of mind, safety and health of every one of our company and client family we are instituting the following measures across our entire company

All drivers are wearing facial coverings from the moment of initial pick up to final drop off, we ask out of common courtesy that passengers mask up as well.

All vehicles are deep cleaned and sanitized prior to and after each Trip. you will notice our amenities offerings have been scaled back for everyone’s safety

Our drivers are slightly leaving some windows ajar to encourage cross breeze ventilation in the vehicle. Additionally we are switching all air intakes to outside intake only and not interior air recircurculate

We are replacing cabin air intake filters to higher grade HEPA quality filters, They do a much better job of capturing smaller particles.

Daily check in with drivers ensures that we will NEVER put any driver on the road who is symptomatic or has recently come in contact with someone symptomatic or Diagnosed with COVID.

While we are well aware that it may take some time to get back to the full swing of things we want to personally assure you that as we start taking that trip there together, we will do everything in our power to do it safely and intelligently. Together we will soon be able to breath and travel again and we want to be your first choice in safe ground transportation when that happens.

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