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Everything You Need to Know Before Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

Everything You Need to Know Before Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles

Cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles has a storied History. Both popular media and urban culture have spun plastic and cosmetic surgery into something that is revered, reviled and often misunderstood. Common understanding would define Cosmetic surgery  as a procedure performed in order to alter the shape and physical appearance of a patient for various reasons. Cosmetic surgery can include such procedures as face lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction/tummy tuck, hair implants, breast reduction/augmentation.  Other popular procedures include Botox, fillers and even the newest in laser treatment.  Depending on the invasiveness of the procedure a few post-operative complications do exist.

Types of Complications

Complications can be grouped into generalized complications (the type seen in any other surgical procedure) and complications related specifically to Cosmetic and Plastic surgery.

  •  Bleeding

This is a common complication with any type of surgical procedure but with Cosmetic and Plastic surgery there is a higher vasculature in specific tissue structures.  As a result of these complications, many surgery centers make innovative use of drains and pressure bandages to staunch and prevent excessive bleeding.

  • Seroma Lesions

In some situations, there exists the chance of fluid collecting between empty tissue space which can cause a lesion known as a seroma. These lesions can be drained easily but, there is a possibility of recurrent seroma formation despite corrective treatments.

  •  Skin death/ necrosis

If the blood supply to a portion of tissue is cut off, it can lead to skin death and may need to be removed. It can affect the result of the procedure and may often lead to serious infection.

  • Slow healing

Slow healing can lead to higher incidence of infection and complications following cosmetic surgery. Patients and health care professionals are urged to complete a thorough medical history evaluation together and identify any medical conditions that require medication or regular care.

  •  Asymmetry/Lopsidedness

This complication is all too common with the abundance of private practices with questionable medical procedures.   There are doctors that have made revision surgery their specialty and this second surgery is often needed.  The necessity of this surgery is dependent upon patient presentation and the severity of disfigurement. Sometimes the second surgery may not have to be performed, as it may lead to further complications in and of itself.

  •  Sensory/motor function impairment

During many cosmetic surgery procedures, there exists the chance of damaging nerves proximal  to the site of surgery.  This is often due to surgeon error or any number of other complications. Consequently, caution should be practiced when performing these surgeries as well as during the post-operative period to avert further complications

  •  Medications

In few cases, where there are repeated surgical procedures, the recurrent use of medication has presented a complication as well.

In House Solutions

The truth is that there is no way to absolutely guaranty a perfect outcome.  Patients and providers alike are encouraged to research and then research some more.  Surgical centers are urged to thoroughly explain and demystify the complications of Cosmetic surgery.  Patients should be encouraged to follow the surgeon’s instructions for proper care before after the surgery without fail.

Patients and providers are expected to take special care before and after the surgery to ensure the best possibility for proper healing. Even if all advice has been heeded on occasion a complication will occur. This is the nature of any surgical procedure;any information to the contrary is completely erroneous. A competent and ethical surgeon will always be forthright in regards to expected complications but will thoroughly explain the proper planning and the care that MUST be taken

Post-Operative Solutions

Some patients can consider hiring a private duty nurse.  Any surgeon should have access to a reputable nursing agency, or Surgical Aftercare Center.

Many Aftercare centers have exclusive partnerships with Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies  These specialized transportation services are often reserved for the day of surgery and for follow-up appointments. Non-Emergency Luxury transportation companies are traditionally chauffeur driven  services that have seasoned and certified EMTs behind the wheel.  Many of these luxury vehicles come fully equipped with Medical Grade Oxygen and a fully stocked trauma kit.  Transportation of patients include those coming out of elective procedures, plastic surgery, pain management, Dr. Appointments even retirement communities

What are some of the challenges you have faced with Cosmetic surgery and what are some improvements that you would like to see in the years to come?


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