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The 5 Worst Mistakes a Los Angeles Car Service Can Make

The 5 Worst Mistakes a Los Angeles Car Service Can Make

How to find a Reputable Car Service

Often cost isn’t the final determining factor in  the quality of a car service. There may be some important facts you need to konow about a company that are only discovered when you look deeper.  Not every car service is the same, just as every Limo Service in Los angeles is not created equally.  While online searches and investigation of the company’s reputation can be helpful, there’s usually a repeating pattern in some of the bottom rung LA Limo companies out there.  I have received many questions regarding worst case scenarios and how they are handled.  The following are the 5 most prominent gaffs committed by repeat offenders.

Poor Back Office Etiquette/Customer Service

A Los Angeles Car Service that answers the phone on the second ring is one step ahead of the competition. From reservations and confirmations to the final billing process, having a competent office team is essential to operating a successful Los Angeles car service.  The office staff are the nuts and bolts of the operation and can make or break a Los Angeles Limousine Service.  Bookers, reservationists and dispatchers all have some level of interaction with clients, travel agents and executive assistants.  The average day in the life of one of these bookers can be very stressful and the last thing they nedd is to deal with is someone who is slow, incompetent or just plain rude.  I have had several clients who have switched from their airport car service, simply because they were burnt out on the office staff.

Poor Choice in Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs, often misspelled as chofer driver, are often the first and the last people to meet the clients in the field.  They are truly the ambassadors of any Town Car service.  It’s important that they are properly vetted, screened and trained.  Also, the nuances of choosing the right chauffeur for the job is something that comes with time and experience.  The worst example I can remember is a company that was putting a chauffeur with a registered sex offender background on Limos for prom.  The details of why and how this chauffeur was hired, let alone assigned to drive these particular clients is just as important as the poor judgment of the office staff.  You can begin to see how all the pieces fit together here.

Poor Vehicle Condition and Limited Fleet

Fleet variety and condition are often the most visible benchmarks of a top tier Limo Service in Los Angeles.  No vehicle in the fleet should be older than 4 years old, and should have no more than 150,000 miles on it.  Something else to consider when choosing a Los Angeles Limousine service is fleet size and variety.  While some sedan services specialize in car service to LAX  (using older model Lincoln Town cars), other companies may have the most recent model Hummer Limos and Luxury sedans.  The ability to handle high end corporate/executive travel as well as retail car service to LAX is what sets apart an LAX shuttle service from a high level Executive Limo company.  This goes hand in hand with the next biggest and most common flub-a company’s inability to handle different types of accounts.

Inability to Deal With Different Types of Accounts

 Just as an LA Limo Service may be unable to handle variegated vehicle requests, some just can’t deal with different levels of clientele.  The reality star diva will require a different level of service than the average business traveler requiring airport car service.  The fortune 500 CEOwill require different accommodations than an aging rock star.  These differences are numerous and nuanced and can be everything from immediate confirmations upon request to repeat requests of a specific chauffeur. The Los Angeles Limo Service that understands this and has an intuitive grasp of these differences can stay one step ahead of the competition.  The end goal is to continue to deliver a high grade and consistent level of customer service across the board.

Poor Communication and Lack of Technology

Communication is a key component of the Limo industry-whether it be in the office or in the field.  Recent advances in technology include everything from automated dispatch and web based portal reservations to flawless GPS tracking and routing systems – even in car Wi-Fi.  The Limousine service in Los Angeles that is able to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the times is a company that stands out amongst a seas of black cars.  Two way Radios are a key component of field communication, where many cell towers can have limited reception.  Text and SMS have now added an additional advantage to sensitive situations where a phone call can be inappropriate with a high profile VIP on board.  Some chauffeur service companies are even able to provide chauffeur name and contact info to a booker or client the night before a run.  This is really where an LA Limo Service gets the chance to shine.  Recent advances in thelimo app market have even allowed operators to provide real time driver tracking and instant dial options in the palm of the clients hand. Google docs and Cyber Travel Database Systems have also proved indispensable when dealing with travel agents and bookers that require updated real time info for large parties.

When researching a Limo Service in Los Angeles, one can easily tell when the office staff on the other end of the phone is beating around the bush and not giving a straight answer. This is a major red flag that should give you cause for caution. Before you book with a  Los Angeles Limousine service, make sure you find the answers to your questions. If a Limo Service hesitates or gives you nebulous answers, that’s a sign to start looking elsewhere. Never settle for second best when it comes to luxury transportation. All you need to do is a little bit of research and ask the right questions to avoid frustration down the line.


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