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Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles Surgical Aftercare and Recovery

Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles Surgical Aftercare and Recovery

Post Operative Care in Los Angeles

Whether it is plastic surgery, bariartric surgery or any other elective procedure, successful results are often dependent upon proper surgical aftercare and recovery.

The recovery process starts once a patient leaves the surgical center and may continue on for a few days to a few months-depending on the procedure. This process may consist of anything from in house post operative care to the moment a patient is transferred to a short stay at a surgical aftercare center. Much of the recovery process lay with the patient’s diligence in following their surgeons protocol for proper post-operative self care.

Recovery “Down Time” With Different Surgical Procedures

Recovery time will vary from procedure to procedure and also from patient to patient. Many cosmetic surgery procedures (as well as non-plastic surgery treatments) require one to two weeks of recovery. Often times, as with aggressive laser skin treatments, patients are asked to remain at home for up to one week. Face lift recovery may take 10 to 14 days, while rhinoplasty up to one week, even more at times. For Bariatric or Lap Band Surgery, some patients have been able to return to work after one week. Liposuction recovery and down time may be anywhere from a few days to a week. Generally speaking, The entire healing process following cosmetic surgery or Bariatric procedures can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Recovery & Preparation

  • Patients should try to schedule their operation on a Friday-they can have an extra weekend of recovery before returning to their job
  • Fill prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication one day prior to surgery.
  • Arrange transportation for the day of surgery and for follow-up appointments. Patients are urged not to drive on the day of surgery or while taking pain medication.
  • It is recommended to purchase two weeks of groceries and household supplies and to prepare single-serving meals that can be frozen
  • Post operative period Recovery from surgery requires significant rest and inactivity. However, after some bariatric procedures, Doctors may recommend light walking. Patients should follow their Doctors instructions thoroughly, to avoid further complications and longer “down time”.
  • Almost all cosmetic surgery procedures involve swelling and bruising. After facial/neck surgery, patients will need to reduce swelling. This can be done by the application of ice packs and elevation of the head. Ice packs or frozen peas are easy and reusable. Regular head elevation should be followed for two to three days to minimize swelling and speed recovery. For elevation of the head, it’s preferable to use a dependable backrest, over pillows.
  • Doctors will always notify patients when it is permissible to shower, bathe, and wash their hair. Often this is allowed within a day or two of surgery.
  • Patients may resume exercise once their doctor allows it, not before that time. Exercise may worsen swelling and ruin the final result. Most patients should be able to return to work between three days and two weeks following most cosmetic procedures. This depends on the nature of the procedure and the patient’s actual occupation.
  • Patients should never drive under the influence of pain medication. They can opt instead for a certified Non-Emergency Luxury transportation company. These companies are staffed by licensed medical professionals, that are well versed in the aftercare and recovery process.
  • Use extreme care when exposing to the sun after surgery. During the first year, patients are advised to protect all surgical sites with high grade sun block (SPF 15-40).
  • Vitamin E, contrary to popular belief does NOT minimize scar visibility. As a matter of fact, some research has shown that Vitamin E can cause skin irritation when applied. Always consult with a doctor before taking any vitamins or herbal medications. Some of these medications may be contraindicated and cause complications.

Los Angeles Surgical Aftercare Centers

Surgical Aftercare centers allow patients to rest, recover and recuperate with proper medical supervision and minimal worry. Many of these centers have a high standard of medical care and a list of luxury amenities rolled into a “concierge services” package. The advantage of these services are that patients can use their recovery time productively. Taking advantage of a properly licensed aftercare treatment center can often mean the difference between a seamless, worry-free post-op experience and one that can leave a patient feeling frustrated and worried.

While their level of services may vary, many professional aftercare centers recommend a minimum two night stay and have a variety of different amenities including:

  • tempur-pedic adjustable beds
  • soothing music upon arrival and rest.

  • intercom systems linked directly to a fully trained and licensed OSHA certified RN
  • organic soups, smoothies, and snacks.

  • Private chauffeured transportation to and from the procedure by a certified EMT in a luxury car with tinted windows, as well as a private entrance to the facility.

Whatever choice the patient makes, it is imperative that all staff on hand are fully licensed nurses equipped with all essential medical supplies such as IV fluids, O2, SCDs and emergency equipment. On site care staff should be experienced in all facets of surgical aftercare including monitoring of post-operative complications, pain management, dietary restrictions and medications. Staff should also be able educate their clients on infection and injury prevention. Everything they do should be geared to promoting a healthy post-operative experience.

Any reputable Surgical Aftercare center’s services can be coordinated with the Doctor’s Plan of Care assuring a continuum of protocol.

The Reality of Recovery

The truth is that there is no way to absolutely guaranty a perfect outcome.  Patients should expect to feel and look worse before they get better.  Surgical centers are urged to thoroughly explain and demystify the challenges of recovery after any surgery.  Patients should be encouraged to follow the surgeon’s instructions for proper care before after the surgery without fail and take special care before and after the surgery to ensure the best possibility for proper healing. Even if all advice has been heeded on occasion a complicationwill occur. This is the nature of any surgical procedure. However, with the help of a competent and ethical surgeon, a properly licensed Surgical Aftercare center and a top tier Non-Emergency Luxury transportation service, patients can expect a smoother than usual recovery experience.

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