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What’s In my bag: 5 Chauffeur Accessories We Can’t Live Without

What’s In my bag: 5 Chauffeur Accessories We Can’t Live Without

Chauffeurs Are Not Built In a Day

Finding a driver is easy.  Turning that driver into a professional chauffeur is hard.  Growing a successful car service depends on the chauffeur communicating the vision and tone of the company out in the field.  After twenty years in the Los Angeles Limo industry and after spending some time behind the wheel myself, I’ve noticed a pattern of unique challenges a chauffeur can face. Some of these include: Personal Hygiene and Presentation, Attiresmokingeating and drinking, Driving standards and Resting/sleeping in the car

While we can’t expect a chauffeur to be on point 100% of the time, there are some tools and tricks that can help him stay at 99% and overcome some of the unique challenges he may face in the field

Shout® Wipes

Single serving packaged, portable and designed for one time use, these handy stain wipes can be a lifesaver for a chauffeur in the field.  These wipes are amazingly stain-absorbent and pretty much lift any sediment, dirt or stains off of ties, shirts and suit cuffs.  They even seem to do the trick on carpet and auto interiors too!

Kiwi Express Shine™ Sponge

It is common knowledge that one of the first things a client notices about chauffeurs are their shoes. These travel shoe shine sponges are the ideal accessory for a quick fix to minor scuffs on shoe leather.  They feature a unique self-wicking Clear shine liquid that gives a clean fresh shine every time. There’s even a hint of Color embedded in the sponge to cover up any unsightly nicks and scrapes No buffing necessary!

Zero Odor

Zero Odor claims to be the first product “that eliminates odor at the molecular level”.  Whatever is in this stuff it works!  While air freshener and car scents tend to mask odors, Zero Odor seems to zap them at a core level.  Right after I sprayed it for the first time it left behind this odd, bleachy “tracer scent” However, after a few moments that scent was gone, leaving behind a neutral smelling clean space of air. I suggest keeping a 4 oz. bottle of this stuff in the limo at all times.

Mac Wipes

The verdict is out-skin cleansing wipes are no longer just for women.  There’s nothing worse than having a greasy,unkempt driver show up.  In the chauffeured service industry cleanliness is next to godliness.  That’s why some of our chauffeurs swear by these MAC wipes.  A chauffeur often has limited resources when it comes to freshening up.  The MAC wipe makes use of a “sugar based emulsifier” that breaks down facial oil and built up grime.  They are extremely refreshing and seem to keep many of our chauffeurs awake and alert during those long shifts on the road

Colgate® Wisp®

These single serving mini-toothbrushes are actually comprised of a soft plastic spindle with suave cleaning bristles on one end and a soft pick on the other.  As you brush, there’s a “freshening bead” designed to dissolve in your mouth and is safe to swallow.  This is a great tool for Chauffeurs that smoke or for those that can’t stay away from onions during their lunch break!

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